Commercial and Residential Paving Services in Fairfax VA

For a professional paving company who is dedicated to giving you the best commercial and residential services, you can confidently choose Fairfax Paving Pros. Our years of experience in the professional asphalt industry enables our clients to confidently choose us again and again. Whether you are looking for a way to beautify your property or are interested in long-term solutions, we are committed to providing all the support you need at a cost-friendly price. Our commercial and residential services include the following.

Residential Paving Services

Are you interested in installing a new driveway for your home? Perhaps you need repairs for your driveway as well, whatever the case, our residential paving solutions are customized to fit your needs. Our quality work supports both your budget and time investment. We can even help you maintain your asphalt with high quality services such as driveway repairs and sealcoating. Give us a call for a free estimate for your residential paving needs.

Commercial Paving Services

For the past several years, we have assisted both commercial businesses and residential clients in achieving better looking asphalt that is well maintained. From large scale parking lot installations to short-term maintenance contractors, our paving company has been an integral part of offering high quality commercial paving services throughout Fairfax VA. We have been successful at paving parking lots, repairing cracks and potholes in asphalt, and providing maintenance services for years, and we would love to be your go-to paving contractors. See if we are the right fit for your business by reaching out to us today. We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

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Parking Lot Paving, Resurfacing, Repairs and Sealcoating in Fairfax VA

You know that your parking lot is a direct example of your business. That’s why it literally pays to invest in maintaining it. At Fairfax Paving Pros, we use the latest tools and techniques to give our clients better quality asphalt paving maintenance solutions. Those solutions include high quality sealcoating, resurfacing and repairs of all kinds. Our focus on a positive experience enables us to create an environment where our clients and their property, thrive. Improve the safety and flow of traffic for your business, with Fairfax Paving Pros services.

Resurfacing Solutions

Resurfacing is an excellent option if your parking lot is beginning to look rough around the edges, but you don’t want to invest in a complete installation. We investigate the subgrade of your parking lot to see if it is good enough condition, and then we begin the task of resurfacing it. Once we can clean your parking lot of debris and grime, we then get to work adding a new overlay. This enables us to create a long-lasting attractive finish.

Sealcoating Solutions

If you want to maintain your parking lot’s asphalt for the long-term, then consider sealcoating. Sealcoating protects your parking lot from serious issues caused by traffic, chemical spills, and other issues. Sealcoating prevents expensive repairs down the line. If you want your parking lot to look great for years to come, consider sealcoating solutions.

Asphalt Repairs

Repairing asphalt is one of the services we are most committed to performing. Repairs can come in many forms including cracks, potholes, and any other damage that could pop up over time. At Fairfax Paving Pros, we provide repairs that involve the highest quality mixes that can lend themselves to a long-lasting result. You can confidently choose our paving contractors to offer you parking lot asphalt repairs that polish your property from top to bottom.

Long-Term Parking Lot Maintenance

Do you need professional parking lot maintenance? If so, we can help. Our parking lot maintenance includes cleaning your asphalt, offering parking lot marking services, removing snow from your property and much more. Our team of dedicated paving contractors can happily support your goals and enjoy a long-lasting result. Contact our team to learn more about our parking lot services today.

Installations and Resurfacing for Driveways in Fairfax VA

If you are a property owner, you fully understand how important a quality installation or resurfacing job is for your driveway. At Fairfax Paving Pros, we have years of experience in installing and resurfacing driveways throughout the area. Our professional experience as paving contractors gets you the high quality results you’re after. Improving your property is what we strive to do best. Our residential driveway paving services enhance the value of your property as well. Our focus on workmanship ensures you always get the service you deserve.

Asphalt Driveway Installs

Do you want to install a brand new driveway for your home or business? If so, we can help. Whether you are building a new home altogether or just want to revamp your dirt or gravel driveway into something that adds more curb appeal, asphalt driveway installations are a great option. Our driveway paving contractors can help you pave small driveways and private access roads. Let us handle your asphalt paving solutions.

Generalized Driveway Asphalt Services

There is no size of asphalt project too big for Fairfax Paving Pros. We are able to handle everything from new installations to water drainage installations and beyond. If your home’s driveway needs some work, we would be happy to help. Let the experts at Fairfax Paving Pros do the heavy lifting for you. We also provide tar and chip paving, so give us a call to learn more.

Driveway Resurfacing Services

Resurfacing your driveway is an excellent option if you want to get rid of cracks and other pesky damage causing your driveway to suffer. You can confidently turn to Fairfax Paving Pros for all your paving needs. Give us a call for a free estimate in Fairfax VA.

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