The Civil War Interpretive Center at Historic Blenheim in Fairfax, VA explores the Civil War era from a perspective that is different from most Civil War museums. At this Civil War museum, visitors are encouraged to view the Civil War through the lens of African Americans and their descendants.  Visitors in Fairfax, VA can explore what life might have been like for African Americans during this time period by participating in interactive activities such as slave narratives and plantation house tours. Learn more here.

Blenheim Civil War Interpretive Center in Fairfax, VA is a must-see for Civil War enthusiasts and history buffs. The center displays the area’s rich Civil War heritage in an accessible yet sophisticated manner, using interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations, artifacts, and documents to tell the story of people living through this transformative era. Learn more about A Walk in Van Dyck Park in Fairfax, VA.

The Civil War had a dramatic impact on the Civil War region. A number of pivotal events in Civil War history occurred at Blenheim in Fairfax, VA, including an 1863 battle that saw Union troops attack Confederate positions.

The Civil War-era was a time when social customs and attitudes changed dramatically. Many long-held beliefs were upended by economic conditions and political upheaval—and this change is reflected in Civil War-era clothing.

Blenheim Civil War Interpretive Center is located at Historic Blenheim in Fairfax, VA, a National Historic Landmark and Smithsonian affiliate that includes the original 18th-century plantation home of Revolutionary War hero John Blair Smith.