Driveway Paving Fairfax VA

Fairfax Paving Pros is committed to providing our residential customers with premium driveway resurfacing solutions that you can rely on. Our driveway paving resurfacing services in Fairfax VA are designed to maximize your driveway investment. As a paving company, we are proud to provide a variety of residential paving services, including resurfacing. Whether your driveway is beginning to fade or if you are thinking about installing a new one, we can help. Give us a try for long-lasting solutions.  

Local Driveway Paving Resurfacing in Fairfax VA 

Our team of local paving contractors specializes in driveway paving resurfacing solutions in the Fairfax VA area. Licensed, bonded, and insured, our paving contractors have years of experience on their side and are ready to provide the level of service you require. You know that your driveway is a critical part of your curb appeal. What you invest in your property comes back to you tenfold, and we can help you maximize that investment. There is no sized paving project we cannot tackle.  

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Our paving resurfacing solutions will make your driveway standout in the best possible ways. That means you increase the value of your property without overpaying for services you do not need. Our experience, dedication, and reliability make us an easy choice for our residential paving clients throughout the area. For more information about our services, or to receive a free estimate, reach out to us today.  

Driveway Repairs for Your Asphalt  

Our driveway resurfacing services are also known as driveway repairs. If you do not want to invest in a brand new driveway—which is reasonable because of the costs—driveway resurfacing is an excellent substitute. If your driveway’s asphalt is aging, has potholes or cracks is falling apart etc., consider our services. First, we have to decide if your driveway is a good candidate for driveway resurfacing, which means looking at your subgrade. If that is in good condition but your asphalt’s top layer is not, we can perform driveway repairs.  

Our asphalt driveway repairs get your driveway back to decent condition for a fair price. Repairs are actually considered a maintenance service, and we are prepared to provide those maintenance services when required. Maintaining the value of your property and your asphalt is difficult, but we are the right driveway resurfacing contractors to choose. Give us a call to learn more and to receive your no obligation free quote.  

What Asphalt Driveway Resurfacing Involves  

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At Fairfax Paving Pros, we know you want to know what you’re investing in, and we are happy to provide that information beforehand. Our resurfacing service begins by removing and replacing your asphalt as it exists. Your asphalt might be removed in a few layers as a result. We will then clean your asphalt thoroughly, next we will pave a new layer of asphalt over top. Our team will than pave a second layer of asphalt overtop to provide you with an attractive final result. Reach out to our paving contractors for a free driveway resurfacing estimate that is fairly priced.