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Are you sick of looking at your gravel or dirt road/driveway? If so, it might be time for an upgrade. Tar and chip paving might be the paving solution that is right for you. Tar and chip are designed to enhance your roadway or driveway without costing more than you would like. If you need tar and chip contactors near me in Fairfax VA, you can give Fairfax Paving Pros a call. Our paving company is licensed, bonded, and insured, and we have an excellent reputation with our customers as well. Our tar and chip services are ideal for both roadways and driveways. Don’t let your cracked and aging asphalt prevent you from enjoying an attractive property. You can confidently choose us for an affordable solution. 

Professional Tar and Chip Paving for Roadways and Driveways in Fairfax VA  

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If you are on the search for tar and chip driveway contractors near me in Fairfax VA, give us a call. We highly recommend tar and chip for your driveway as an excellent alternative to your classic asphalt paving solution. Why? There are multiple advantages. These include its cost-effectiveness, the polished and attractive look it offers, and of course the long-lasting results. Not to mention that tar and chip are also basically maintenance free.  

Our paving contractors work on roadways, driveways, and other surfaces you require. Of course, in order to benefit from those advantages, you have to hire a professional paving company to do it for you. Our tar and chip paving solutions are designed to cover any length of driveway or roadway required. Practical, economical, and always attractive, tar and chip are easy to maintain and we can make sure that your pavement looks well with the rest of your property.  

Better Tar and Chip Paving Solutions in Fairfax VA  

Our tar and chip paving solutions consist of the best possible hot asphalt mixes imaginable. We also stay focused on providing the best solution through time-tested processes. This process begins by spraying hot asphalt liquid onto your chosen surface, typically gravel or dirt. Next, we add our chip mix to the top of that liquid. Those rocks can be chosen according to your preferred look. This creates an iron-clad combination that strengthens your roadway or driveway. The end result is fully customized pavement looks great and works for years to come.  

Get a Free Tar and Chip Paving Quote  

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If you want to hire a professional paving contractor to manage your pavement needs, you can turn to us. We are dedicated to giving you the support and exceptional results you require as a property owner. Our team is fully experienced and professional, which means you can confidently hire our paving company to get the job done right. Maximizing your investment is what we focus on. Reach out to our team for a free estimate for your tar and chip paving needs throughout Fairfax VA.  

Fairfax Paving Pros can also provide asphalt driveway paving and resurfacing services throughout Fairfax, VA.